Grow Your Leadership Quotient

Building Leaders & Leadership Teams,
One at a Time

About Us is leader development company providing Interactive-Immersive-Memorable opportunities.

We increase the leadership quotient within any organization and develop any leader’s ability to produce results. 

Our Process

A personalized coaching, teaching and mentoring approach focused on building and internalizing a deep understanding of leadership; what leadership is, what leaders do and how they do it.

The process strives to create leaders who THINK, DECIDE, LEAD, and CREATE FEEDBACK.

  1. Interactive: Learning activities require participants to fully engage in thinking about and discussing critical leadership issues. There are no tourists.
  1. Immersive: Individual (Leader Decision Games) and Collective (Team Decision Games) pit ideas and plans against an opponent seeking advantage over you. Outcomes are important.
  2. Memorable: Anchored in experiential exercises at the locations where historical leaders took decisions and directed actions. Participants “stand where those leaders stood” and examine the attendant leadership lessons issues in detail.

Unique Offering

  1. Senior military officers, trained and tested leader development professionals. Coaches, teachers and mentors, each with decades of practical experience in leadership positions.

  2. Founded in the actual practice of leadership, not the academic theories of leadership.

  3. Experiential training events, each Interactive, Immersive, Memorable, and anchored on history’s stage.

  4. Experiential travel— Join us to explore places where interesting things happened in history—and examine the event and the leaders involved.